Nutritious and Delicious!!

The basic and initial concept of Nutryvitta is to provide 100% natural banana derivatives  – no additives, no preservatives. Started in a family farm in South of Sao Paulo, Brazil the business was inspired by the Native Indian Community and the quality of produce that had helped to ensure a healthy lifestyle in such a rural area. Therefore, we decided to share these products with the rest of the world. Nutrivitta wants to introduce banana products and vegetable flours to the United States. We remain inspired by the innovative and hardworking Native Brazilian people. We hope that you enjoy our unique, NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS products including dried banana, nutritional superfoods as well as many others!


We are committed with the local Communities!!

Nutryvitta is proud to help this local event that hope to raise $10,000+ which will be used toward ongoing projects in Eburru (Kenia) .

Nutryvitta is proud to help this local event that will benefit the JMHS "Pride of Vienna" Band and the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department.


Our Commitment to simple food


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