“ Nutryvitta intend to be a leading provider of Brazilian nutritious fiber products in USA, engaging in the development, production, sales and marketing of therapeutic fruit extracts and other health food products”. Nutrivitta’s products use an exclusive formula that only processes the fruit or vegetable without any of its skin. We manufacture with high-quality traditional Brazilian fruits and vegetables, providing effective, safe, affordable, and convenient use for those with diabetes or recurring health problems as well as those who seek to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Nutryvitta has many strengths including our insistence on the use of only the highest quality of natural products, our exclusive formulas and our in-depth knowledge of Brazilian extracts. Leveraging our enhanced sales and distribution networks and strong brand name, it is our aim to achieve a successful market position for our product in the health and therapeutic market in USA.        

By focusing in this niche market we know we are going to face a strong competition. However, while many other producers offers a low pricing for their products we offer superior value for a product that does not contain the skin of the fruit or vegetable. This, combined with our exclusive formula, give us a great competitive advantage and differentiates our product from the rest of the market. Additionally, because we plant and manufacture the product we can guarantee a natural product with no additionally synthetic ingredients.