Nutryvitta has more than 250 acres of farm production located in 57 countries southwest of Sao Paulo - Brazil. Nutryvitta Family is organized into several business segments comprised of farming, processing and logistic categories.

The Farm


Nutryvitta farm is located 120 miles southwest of Sao Paulo - Brazil along the edge of Jureia - Itatins National Park and the Ribeira River in the region known as “banana region”. The farm's objective is to grow food while preserving and increasing biodiversity.

The Facility

Equipped with a full kitchen the Nutryvitta processing facility have a certificate of occupancy with documented approval from local building, plumbing, fire, electrical, and zoning inspectors as required by, state, and local laws. While still keeping the traditional craft made procedures the equipment increase capacity and meet all National Sanitation Foundation and International standards.  Additionally the facility has adequate storage space for ingredients, equipment, packaging materials, and finished goods.

Logistic and Distribution

Nutryvitta believes that a closer integration between supply and demand enables a more efficient production. Logistics is thus a fundamental component of efficiency improvements, which is why the distribution center and logistics is located in Sao Paulo - Brazil, the biggest city in Brazil and the channel to the world. This allowed us to better serve our customers throughout a wide access of the main access roads and port.